Friday, January 15, 2010

Quick and Easy Patterns

Darlene sent me a really cute idea that got me thinking. I'm going to share it with all of you but first share my thoughts. I realize some of the patterns I sent you will take longer than the space of what a YW activity will run. My hope is that some girls will be motivated enough to start working on these projects at home. Some people just want to finish a project in an hour. I understand that.. are some crochet ideas that can be finished in an hour or less :)

This is the idea Darlene sent me. It's adorable. It can be used as a headband or when it's cold it can be used to keep your ears warm. It's a basic and easy pattern. Great for beginners. I'm going to try one!!

These are the instructions...


• Crochet Hook (any size you prefer!)
• Yarn
• Velcro, Snaps, Buttons or Ribbon
• Embellishments


1. Crochet a long row of chain stitches to fit the diameter or your head (I measure as I go).
2. When you reach your desired length, stop and continue on to the next row using a single crochet stitch.
3. Continue step two until you reach your desired width.
4. Sew ends together using a single stitch, or you can also attach using velcro, snaps, buttons, or ribbon!
5. Embellish with whatever materials you prefer (tulle, ribbon, buttons, wire, broaches, crocheted flowers, lace, etc.).

Another trend I have seen going on lately is what is called a scarflette. Basically it's a mini scarf that just goes around your neck and doesn't hang down. Here is a picture

Honestly I thought these were kind of ugly until I saw a woman at church wear one. It was crazy cute. You could even use the pattern above and just not sew it together. Use velcro instead of buttons and add a cute flower and you are set :) Here is the pattern for the one in the pic :)

I hope these ideas are helpful :)


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