Friday, January 15, 2010

Warm Fuzzy Goal

I love goals. I believe I can credit this to the personal progress program. Working on personal progress I started setting goals at a young age. To this day I love setting goals. Some of us are good at setting a big goal and just going for it. Some of us need to set mini goals to achieve our big goal. I do both:)

Today I'm going to share an idea for keeping track of goals for the year long service project. This idea came from a talk President Monson gave titled "What Have I Done for Someone Today?". (November 2009 Ensign)

"I was overwhelmed when this year for my birthday I received hundreds of cards and letters from members of the Church around the world telling me how they had fulfilled that birthday wish. The acts of service ranged from assembling humanitarian kits to doing yard work.

Dozens and dozens of Primaries challenged the children to provide service, and then those acts of service were recorded and sent to me. I must say that the methods for recording them were creative. Many came in the form of pages put together into various shapes and sizes of books. Some contained cards or pictures drawn or colored by the children. One very creative Primary sent a large jar containing hundreds of what they called “warm fuzzies,” each one representing an act of service performed during the year by one of the children in the Primary. I can only imagine the happiness these children experienced as they told of their service and then placed a “warm fuzzy” in the jar. " (You can read the full article HERE)

Isn't President Monson wonderful? He makes me smile :) I love the idea of a "warm fuzzy". I knew exactly what he was talking about as he gave this talk. One of these...

As I was thinking of ideas of how groups could keep track of their goals for our service project in a fun way this primary's ideas came to mind. It's perfect! We are knitting, crocheting and making blankets to help keep people warm. Putting a warm fuzzy in a jar after you make an item to help keep someone warm makes perfect sense. Plus who can resist a warm fuzzy?? My kids love them and even I think they are adorable.
Another thought came into mind as I thought about the warm fuzzy. Often when people talk about feeling the Spirit's influence they describe feeling a warm feeeling inside. I believe helping people physically to be warm by crocheting them a hat will help each of us have that warm fuzzy feeling inside too.

So....Go out and find your group a big glass jar and find some warm fuzzies. I found mine at a local craft store.

Some of you may want to measure mini goals. Use smaller fun vases (maybe personalize them with their names) and they can dump them into the larger jar once they fill their personal one. You can find cheap jars at IKEA or even the Goodwill.

Please keep track of your completed projects and inform me of your numbers. I would love to make something up for President Monson when we are done. I think he will love to hear what our beautiful YW have done :)

I'm working on my map right now and just waiting for pictures of your groups. It's OK if everyone doesn't end up in the picture. Believe me...I know how hard that is! We are up to 22 different wards from around the world. It will be fun to see in the pictures how different our groups are.
Just a few other details. If any activity days groups are interested in joining our project they are certainly welcome. Those girls are our future YW. Also I've altered the hat patterns I sent to all of you a few times. If you need it to be a smaller size let me know :)



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